Asher Roth
Pabst&Jazz mixtape party!
Where:Camden Jazz Cafe
When: January 12th 2012
Asher brought his mixtape eclecticism to London earlier this month. The Coffee Junkies were there to enjoy his electric display, complete with Dj Wreckineyez! The duo along with drummer and bassist brought together the best from Asher’s mixtapes from the Greenhouse Effect to Seared Fois Gras and the current Pabst&Jazz.
The venue was packed and the atmosphere full of energy.
Definitely check out the new mixtape for a fresh funky jazz vibe and stay hooked for some more images from the night!

The Junkies have been busy getting there kicks of at the Flicks, enjoyed Steve MQueen’s 'Shame'
Review coming soon!!

Been thinking about re-watching some Almodovar for the upteenth time : )
Women on the verge of nervous breakdown!
Kiran Been thinking about re-watching some Almodovar for the upteenth time : )
Women on the verge of nervous breakdown!

Been thinking about re-watching some Almodovar for the upteenth time : )

Women on the verge of nervous breakdown!


Breakfast At Tiffany’s

Our Idiot Brother (2011)

Our Idiot Brother 2011

Released in August 2011, an entry into the Sundance Festival ‘Our Idiot Brother’ was then picked up by the Weinstein Brothers. Starring Paul Rudd as protagonist Ned Rochlin who gets arrested for selling, actually giving away, weed free of charge to a cop. I guess that really says it all, a stupid thing to do to say the least. However as the film goes on Ned doesn’t seem as stupid as he’s made out to be, it’s just that he has to much faith in human kind. It’s hard not to fall in love with Ned, his naivety is based upon a mixture of being incredibly dubious to the obvious and his belief of giving everyone the benefit of the doubt.  (Something we lack these days but then again maybe we have reason to…)

Being released from prison Ned has no choice but to turn to his mother and his sisters after being dumped by his girlfriend. Ned does his best in avoiding living with his mother, by moving in with each one of his sisters, as they pass him off onto one another as he ‘ruin’s’ each sibling’s life. Our idiot brother hosts an ensemble of female talent played by Zooey Deschanel, Elizabeth Banks, Emily Mortimer, Rashida Jones and Shirley knight. Paul Rudd known for his comedic roles usually plays the nonchalant sarcastic guy, never the butt of the jokes but the guy who dishes it out. But here Rudd is the complete opposite, he is constantly looked down on by his sisters who see him as pathetic, the only woman that really sticks by his side is his mother and she’s always clutching a large glass of wine.

There is definitely a divide between worlds here in the Rochlin family, Ned is a hippy content being an organic farmer needing only the love of his dog, where as his sisters are absorbed by the urban lifestyle of keeping up appearances. Ned enters his sisters’ perfect domesticated lives and inadvertently delivers them home truths. Once their false images of life are shattered, they turn on Ned and place the blame rather than taking any responsibility for their own failures. Ultimately Ned is thrown into an urban environment to which he does not or perhaps he cannot conform to.

Our Idiot Brother Trailer

Ned: "I like to think that if you put your trust out there, I mean if you really give people the benefit of the doubt and see their best intentions, people will rise to the occasion."

Kiran Kaur


JUNKIE: Natasha Rachael


Hello World! Im one of the two Junkies who came up with this caffeinated brainwave.. I have a passion for life and the arts and currently major in culture and media. I am an aspiring street photographer, vocalist and poet inspired by identity and culture with dreams of travelling the world. I eventually want to settle in New York.. you;ll come to learn about my obsession with the city I call ‘The Sea of Exiles’. Im passionate about the Coffee Junkies and hope that we can bring you all thats inspiring and ‘freshly ground’ in the art world!’

*while reviewing some great coffee!

ADDICTIONS:Editorial Photography, Poetry, Soul and old skool Hip Hop (andof course) New York City.

BARISTA SPECIALS: Street photography, iphoneography & poetry.

MY CUP:Americano with a splash!

*on a bad day Cafe Latte extra hot, with an extra shot!


You have more, you should give more


Lunch Break Coffee Where: Carluccios’s Marketplace Cup: Regular Cappuccino Xtra shot Photography: Natasha Rachael


Where: Starbucks Regent St.

My Cup: Grande Toffee Nut Latte Xtra shot (festive menu) TO GO

Review: ****

Starbucks always get brownie points for their consistency, atmosphere and free wifi. This is going to be an honest review… Im not a fan of American coffee chains BUT this Latte is definitely a festive addiction!
Rich, milky and sweet maybe a little too much. But the toffee nut syrup is distinctive and fresh. Its inventive and can be dressed to taste with whipped cream for mild coffee lovers and xtra shots for our junkies!
As someone who doesn’t take sugar in my coffee its slightly too sweet but as a holiday treat or a quick shopping fix its heavy enough to keep you going!
Definitely a guilty pleasure I’d get through another this season!

Other blends from the festive menu…
Gingerbread Latte **

Post: Natasha Rachael

Coming soon… Nero’s Amaretto Latte!


Where: Costa West London

My Cup: Roasted Hazelnut Latte (festive drinks)

Review: ***

Costa have stayed true to their authentic design signature which sweetens the taste of this nutty coffee. Smooth, milky with a mild coffee kick I recommend another shot for those espresso lovers) You’ll learn I’m not a fan of these festive drinks but Hazelnut is one of my vices! Good Latte, great festive coffee. Costa have quite an extended festive menu i recommend giving the ones below a shot!

Praline & Cream Latte

Black Forest Hot Chocolate

Post: Natasha Rachael